What is Whois?

For the first time of the hearing, you probably have no idea what is WHOIS. Unless you are a webmaster, you will know Whois is used for what.

What is Whois
what is Whois

What is Whois ?

Whois is simply a service which offers standard information about a registered domain. It could be the domain owner information, the chosen domain information, the availability status of a domain, and the domain registrar as well.

When you want to own a website, you have to get a domain. The domain is used by someone or not. There are lots of domains which have registered or not. The first person comes will become the first served users of their registered domains. In case you would like to know the host and a lot of their details, you should use Whois.

The important information of checking domain by WHOIS

The domain information:

  • The name servers
  • The registered dates, the expiration, and the latest update

The information of the domain owner:

  • The name(s)
  • The company name(s)
  • The contact address: telephone numbers, email address, etc.

Where do you find out the domain information?

The good news is that there are lots of sources for checking the domain status like GoDaddy and Namechap. Your job is finding the domain name in the searching box, you will see a plenty of names inside.

Besides, you can seek out other sources such as Domaintools, ICANN Whois, and Who.is (it comes from Name.com). Please note that the information in Whois could be saved through the cache. Therefore, you should remove all of the caches as many as you can.

In my experience, I often search the domain name in Who.is because it does not save caches automatically. The system will be refreshed naturally and you can update new information.

Additional note

As the private information of the domain name owners could be published, someone does not like it and they want to use another service – concealing domain information. This is often called Domain Privacy in WhoisGuard or Privacy Protection.

Domain name owners love this extra service because their information will totally save. Will you have to pay for this additional service? Some registrars possibly require certain payment while others do not.

You can review further information in the free domain name service providers list.

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