What is Web Hosting?

Hosting or web hosting is a service which allows both an organization and an individual to post something like files and content in a website or a page onto the Internet. In other words, this is a giant place for storing all of the databases of a webpage. And it is also a good place for connecting people and things together.

What is web hosting
What is web hosting

Important features of a high-quality web hosting


The main server of the web hosting service should have a big configuration enough to make sure that the speed runs smoothly and serve a large number of visitors. With a high-speed connection, database congestion can run easily.

In general, if you use a foreign hosting, you will need to select servers of Singapore or Japan. This is because these are faster when running your website in Vietnam. Speed is often calculated when the users begin visiting the website until it is fully completed. Briefly, the download process is finished in a few seconds.


The capacity of the hosting in a website is an amount of space you are able to store your database on a server’s hard drive. A web hosting should have a big enough capacity (more than 2 GB) to keep all of the information, images, databases, and files of the website. Therefore, a big database requires a large hosting capacity.


The bandwidth of a web hosting is an amount of exchanged database between a webpage and a user in a month.

For instance, if you upload a file with the approximate size is 1MB in your website (and 100 customers download that file), you will need to spend a total of 100MB in the bandwidth. Thus, you should balance your visitors to receive enough amount of the bandwidth (otherwise, the price will be huge).

All of the websites should have big enough bandwidth to run all activities of the transactions, exchange information, and so on.

Loading capacity

There are various loading capacities of a web hosting. Some will load fast and some will not even there are tons of users accessing the website at the same time. To know the loading ability of a hosting, you should check it by your experience. In case you do not have much more experience, you need to read all feedbacks and reviews from other users. Consult the advice from an experience will save you a lot!

Support ability

The domain name registration is simple. However, all of the problems in the website come from hosting. Thus, you could check a reputable provider before choosing a web hosting registrar as well as supportability.


Hosting plays a key role in making and boosting a website successfully. Select a high-quality supplier is not difficult. You can review some prominent providers such as StableHost, Hawk Host, SiteGround, etc. Register and try using a promotion program is also a good idea.

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