What is Domain Transfer?

You may understand a domain name clearly, but you have no idea about a domain transfer. Is it different from a basic domain name?

What is domain transfer
Domain Transfer meaning

What is a domain transfer?

A domain transfer is the process of moving a domain from a provider to another. When transferring, you pay for that new service provider and you will have another one year of that domain name. It is equivalent to renewal.

When should you think of this method?

When you have to renew a domain name, you can choose another option. Transfer your domain name to another provider for saving your budget. This is because the price of domain transfer is often lower than the renewal even if they do not have regular promotions.

The good news is that there are many vendors want to attract customers from competitors. Therefore, they provide special discount coupons. The GoDaddy domain name transfer coupon of Namecheap is only $7.99.

Moreover, if you have bought the domain during a super discount promotion but you are not sure its service quality, you will need to move to another reputable provider. Domain transfer is a good opportunity to do that!

What do you need to pay attention when using a domain transfer?

Before moving a domain name to a new provider, please bear in mind some points:

  • You can transfer your domain name after 60 days of successful registration
  • Do not update the transfer date to evade additional time
  • To do the transferring process, you need to unlock the domain and get the EPP Code like Authentication Code or Auth Code
  • Consider another intermediate middleware when transferring is essential. Please notice that you should not use a default domain name of the provider to prevent interrupting from the website access
  • Turn off all of the hidden domain information (if available)

Transfer process (unlocks and retrieves codes of transferring) at the provider spend much time. Thus, if you determine to move, you will need to prepare before many months to evade being affected.

The transfer time is approximately 5 days after you have clicked the confirmation link through email. Some quick providers will reduce less time like MyDomain, Dotster, Netfirms, GoDaddy, and Quartet Domain.com.

For instance, you can select Namesilo as a long-term provider because the renewal cost is not expensive. You just pay from $8.89 each year for domain.com. With an important domain name, choose a reputable provider like GoDady can evade unwanted issues.

In addition to the domain transfer, there is another concept popularly used – Push domain.

What is a Push domain?

Push domain is the transfer of another ownership or a management of a domain to another account in the similar provider. This movement is always free. After getting a successful transfer, the old owner cannot control over the domain.

Moreover, Push domain is often used when purchasing domain names. After receiving money from the buyer, the seller will promptly push the domain to the buyer’s account. The entire procedure takes a couple minutes to complete.

Usually, you probably push the domain at any time without concerning the time limitation like the domain transfer. Most of the main domain providers also support push domain. Change one account to another is not difficult through providers. You can find it in other posts.

Getting the domain transfer or the pushed domain is your option.

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