What is DNS?

DNS is the domain name resolution invented in 1984 for the Internet. This is a system which allows the establishments between the IP addresses corresponding and the domain names. DNS is also the system that translates domain address on the Internet.  In general, the IP address of the DNS system has four groups of numbers separated by dots.

what is DNS
what is DNS

The basic principles of the DNS system

  • Every service provider operates and continues their DNS server
  • INTERNIC – Internet Network Information Center monitors both the domain and the DNS servers separately
  • DNS is able to query other DNS servers when requesting from the outside system

How to use the DNS

Because DNS has a high speed of updating new thing, feedback also contains many platforms relying on the network connection between the customer and the server. You should consider selecting the DNS server which is suitable for your purpose. You probably try the CloudFlare which is a high-quality DNS service provider.

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