What is DNS?

what is DNS

DNS is the domain name resolution invented in 1984 for the Internet. This is a system which allows the establishments between the IP addresses corresponding and the domain names. DNS is also the system that translates domain address … Read more

What is Whois?

For the first time of the hearing, you probably have no idea what is WHOIS. Unless you are a webmaster, you will know Whois is used for what. What is Whois ? Whois is simply a service which … Read more

What is Domain Transfer?

You may understand a domain name clearly, but you have no idea about a domain transfer. Is it different from a basic domain name? What is a domain transfer? A domain transfer is the process of moving a … Read more

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting or web hosting is a service which allows both an organization and an individual to post something like files and content in a website or a page onto the Internet. In other words, this is a giant … Read more

What is a Premium Domain?

When looking for a domain name for your website from many service providers, you will see that there are some expensive domain names. Do you think that it is a fraudulent one? In fact, they are premium domains. … Read more