How To Create A Website – Step by Step

Welcome to the first step of How to Start A Blog tutorials. It will take you about 20 minutes to get a blog and you can start blogging.

This step has two main things:

1. Picking a domain name

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Domain name is your brand on Internet. If you type that name on the web browsers at anywhere on the earth, you will be sent to that website. For example, Domain Nam for this blog is BlogStartUp.Net

Domain Name Ideas?

Many famous bloggers use their own name as the domain name (Ex: It’s benefit is to prevent others from registering your domain name. That is the best way to protect your virtual real estate.

If your don’t want your own name as domain name, you can use your topic idea as the domain name. Ex: BlogStartUp is my topic and I want to make people who want to start a blog can remember to this name.

One your have some ideas for the domain name, you will need to choose an extension for your domain. .Com .Net are commonly but you can use .org as well. For another extension such as .us .biz or .info, I do not recommend that because they are not familiar to most people and they are hard to remember.

If your domain name has registered in most extensions such as .Com .Net or .Org, you can add some prefix to that name for example “a”, “the”, “best”, “my”, “i” as beginning of the domain name, or you can also add dashes between words such as

Check your domain now !

If you still cannot choose a domain name, you should check out This website is very useful in term of suggest you the meaningful name that close to your idea.

2. Choosing the Hosting Providers

Hosting Provider of Web Host is a company that store all of your website files and databases and your domain name will pointed to that. You must have a hosting to start make a blog.

There are many webhosting providers on the market today. Choosing a good hosting company is the big first think before creating a website. A good hosting company will help you never been worry about technical, slow connection or hacking issues.

In my opinion, my recommendation to your blog is BlueHost. This provider are being used by BlogStartUp and there a some reason encourage you to choose this provider:

  1. Easy to use and management, 1 click to set up a blog (Including WordPress – the one I recommended)
  2. They are the best hosting provider for WordPress (PCWorld voted). BlueHost have been recommended by WordPress since 2005. Up to now, they hosted over 2 millions website.
  3. Quick support 24/7 via Phone, Email or webchat
  4. 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t want to use anymore.
  5. Offering free $150 credit to advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook

Although BlueHost offer a little bit higher price ($5.99 per month) than low-quality providers, they guarantee high quality of service and product. Everything are managed by BlueHost and your work is just blogging. However, you can get BlueHost with cheap price from $3.49$ per month (for 36 month) with a free domain name if you use any links on this site.


3. Setup your website


4. Configure your website

5. Start Blogging!