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This month, GoDaddy still have coupon .COM with 0.99$ for new customers. Beside this, HostingCouponCode also updates all coupons for domain ($1.49, $1.99, $2.95 ….) Hosting and many coupon never appear on blogs.

How to use GoDaddy Coupon

  1. Access GoDaddy here and login to your account
  2. Copy coupon code and processing checkout
  3. If you cannot use coupon code for GoDaddy, you can refer my other post for tip and trick to get discount at Godaddy. I always use this trick and never pay more than $2 for domain

Godaddy Coupons List

List GoDaddy Coupon Dec 21

Updated 3 hour ago on

Update news

Each GoDaddy account can only apply 1 coupon for domain

GoDaddy Hosting Coupon

GoDaddy discount 50% all Hosting Package, this promotion is not limit time and quatity. You can register with maximun 10 years with 50% discount

You should apply this coupon for DELUXE or ULTIMATE Package. ECONOMY Package has another coupon discount to $1/month is the cheapest hosting package.

Interestingly, when register a Hosting Package at GoDaddy with over 1 year length, you will get a free domain .COM/.CO/.NET/.ORG

[su_button url=”” contentc=”Active Hosting Coupon”][/su_button]

All GoDaddy Hosting Coupon Here

Godaddy Coupon .COM $0.99

You can update coupon for $0.99 of GoDaddy here

You can only use coupon for domain 1 time for each account but read my tip to get $0.99 everytime

GoDaddy Coupon .COM $2.95

[su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnib029″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnic103″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnicrm016″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnicuk38″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnies59″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnige09″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnila25″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnimes41″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtniru21″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtniru22″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnith10″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gtnivt13″ desurl=””]

Godaddy Other Coupon for Domain

[su_couponcode couponcode=”REV10″ desurl=””] – New domain .COM for only $8.49 (No limit quatity, can use for both new and exist customers).

All of these coupons are tested success by me. If you does not use or have another coupon, please share it by comment in this post to share to other people.

GoDaddy Coupons for other type of domains

[su_button url=”″ contentc=”Transfer Coupon”] – Transfer your domain to Godaddy with $7.99 for .COM and $8.99 for .NET

[su_button url=”” contentc=”Order Now”] – .NET or .ORG for only $7.99

[su_button url=”” contentc=”Order Now”] – .INFO for only $2.99

[su_button url=”” contentc=”Order Now”] – .MOBI for only $6.99

Access Godaddy:

6. Godaddy Renew Coupons for Domain/Hosting

You can update latest coupon here

7. Godaddy Other Coupon (Discount by %)

These coupons discount by % and they can use Paypal to checkout. This is unlimited coupons and can applying for both new and existen customers. This also use for any products and services in GoDaddy. You just click the button to get the coupon.

Godaddy 40% off

  • Discount 30% for every orders
[su_couponcode couponcode=”cjc30c” desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”cjcfwoff30″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”fbfhpg30″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”fbhpbi30″ desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gd5758x” desurl=””]
  • Discount 33% for every orders
[su_couponcode couponcode=”cjcrmn33″ desurl=””]
  • Discount 35% for every orders
[su_couponcode couponcode=”gd5676x” desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gd5676ax” desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”gd5676w” desurl=””] [su_couponcode couponcode=”cjcrmn35″ desurl=””] [su_highlight background=”#ffc199″]If you can or cannot apply these coupons, can you please leave a comment to notice us and others readers. Thanks[/su_highlight]
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5 years ago

I cant use code to get 0.99$ with my existing account what your tip to have unlimited 99 cents domain ? thanks