The Best WordPress admin themes 2016

Best WordPress Admin Themes 2016

Amazingly, WordPress can be known as an effective customizable tool to allow each customer to showcase their admin dashboard. With plugin and themes extensions, such admin dashboard is transformed to look more flexible as well as to feel better in the quickest way. With more features, WordPress Admin Themes can generally reflect your personality in a special and ideal way.  Speaking of admin themes in especially, WordPress offers you an easy and diversified option from customizing the admin dashboard as your separate blog’s part, to changing your blog’s overall appearance.

By understanding fully this concept, we created the collection of the Best WordPress Admin Themes 2016. So, all bloggers are able to make their own choice about selecting a dedicated template for the next project. The following suggested themes are considered the most favorite and popular WordPress admin themes so far. All of them are quickly installed with the normal Plugins Manager. Then, several showcased plugins below will provide you a variety of ways to optimize, adjust, and extend the admin dashboard to be suitable for your own purposes.

  1. WordPress Admin Theme

With its widely spread, we listed WordPress Admin Theme at the top of our collection for the Best WordPress Admin Themes 2016. Some of its’ outstanding features are as follows:

  • White label branding with the removable logo, customizable login theme and logo options.
  • Multi-site compatibility to display to your network admins and users.
  • Customize dashboard widgets to display your RSS and text widgets.
  • Color Google fonts and themes.
  • Good management of the Admin menu so you can remove or add all necessary items.

The most remarkable characteristics of WordPress Admin Theme is the multi-site support.  With this feature, you can display the elements or color settings to the network admins. In addition, it comes with a total of 43 built-in color themes along with the easy-to-use GUI so you can manage all sections of your WordPress admin theme conveniently. The jQuery sliding menu also helps you much to re-arrange your admin items and show the specific content to different users.

  1. Ultra

Next, we will discover some special features of Ultra which were ranked at the second place of our collection for the Best WordPress Admin Themes 2016.

  • Styling options so you can pick your favorite built-in theme and form customizable CSS panel options.
  • Admin top bar to control all bar links with 2 Available different styles of Partial-Width and Fullwidth.
  • Typography with more than 650 integrated Google Fonts and the support of Multi Fonts.
  • Fully customizable Login Section and Admin Menu.

As a matter of fact, Ultra offers you 30 stunning built-in themes as well as the ability to control the look of your Content Boxes, Admin Menu, Buttons, Top Bar, Forms, Text, logo, and background colors. This theme is completely compatible with RTL and LTR modes so you can use it for many languages. Such wonderful features may help you in designing your own WordPress web project, customizing the appearance as well as meeting the branding needs.

  1. Clientside

Clientside is considered the perfectly meticulous combination of the set of tools and settings. We can list down its’ major characteristics as follows:

  • Control all UI elements for each user’s role.
  • The Admin Tools set for all common tasks.
  • Translation and WPML ready with optional security improvements.
  • Responsive optimized layout for all screen sizes.
  • A Notification Center of the Toolbar and Retina-friendly.

Being one of the redesigned WordPress Admin Themes, it helps unclutter and customize the direct WordPress interface to serve your clients and you. Clientside has the design changes to provide a wide range of options which allow you to change and customize the appearance for specific user roles. Of which, administrators can disable features, hide and rename menu items in order to bring a cleaner CMS environment. With its’ element and form layouts, all button actions of this theme are clearly highlighted by size and color.

  1. Forest

At the forth position, Forest is one of interesting and exciting WordPress Admin Themes. Several outstanding features of this theme are:

  • Quick Panel for background color, icon buttons, Opacity, and text color.
  • Custom Login for logo and background image.
  • Customizable footer text and Admin CSS.
  • Flat and Retina design.
  • Compatible for WordPress 3.9

The most highlight options offered by Forest are two Admin Styles and Background level of Darkness. Furthermore, it has easy configuration settings along with the tested WP Multisite. The scheme of Main Color and the Background Image with the Fullwidth option can push you up to purchase the extended license of this template. By this way, you are also able to enjoy the Customizable Content, Menu font as well as Quick Panel off or on option.

  1. WPShapere

WPShapere is one of the typical WordPress Admin Themes which let the users customize and adjust the entire appearance of the default admin theme based on their needs. Key Features of this theme include:

  • Over16 Pro themes and unlimited color options.
  • Flat and Default design.
  • Specific setting for Privilege Users to access all menu items.
  • FontAwesome Icons and Dashicons for your admin menu
  • Upload custom logo for login and dashboard pages.

Frankly, WPShapere allows all users to hand over WordPress admin themes to their customers with the complete CMS. So, it is the powerful tool and the WordPress plugin to offer the customers a completely new and creative admin dashboard which is designed with your own brand name. Besides, many people chose it because of its Simple-to-use ability so you can manage the elements and colors of the admin theme easily.

  1. First

Being one of famous and professional WordPress Admin Themes in the current market, First has accumulated over 400 sales which indicated its’ critical position. Some of its’ outstanding features are as follows:

  • Remove, Rename the submenu and menu on the left, including all titles.
  • Change and custom the logo of the login page and link.
  • Change version and text of admin footer.
  • Support at least 8 default profile colors.

We have to affirm the advanced characteristics of First thought the design of the flat web. Therefore, you can customize and design your admin menu, admin bar, footer items, style, and the login page according to your own preferences and tastes. It also helps you to Disable or enables the open-sans font which was extracted from google webfont API. With this theme, changing the page background image and color is a matter of seconds.

  1. Legacy

Legacy Admin is assessed as one of the most elegant and advanced WordPress Admin Themes. Its’ remarkable features are listed as follows:

  • Custom Favicon and Logo for the Branding in the Admin Panel.
  • Reorder and Rearrange Submenu as well as Menu with the drop and Drag interface
  • Compatible to use, install and design on the multisite network.
  • 20 Interesting built-in Themes with Light Colored, Dark colored, and Multi color, options.
  • Fully customize feel and look of the Admin Panel by using many available options.

The most critical features of Legacy Admin is Admin Menu Management Addon which helps you to disable and Enable submenu and Menu items. It also comes with the entirely customizable attractive theme for the Login Screen. With this template, all users are able to Control all Top bar links and Customize Plugin, Footer access permissions. Besides, you can hide and show URL links, such as “Forgot Password” and “Back to Site”.

  1. Material WP

Material WP is one of WordPress Admin Themes platform to bring the fresh design to all customers. Its’ amazing features consist of:

  • Completely redesign of your admin interface, according to the Material Design.
  • Parallax Block
  • Drop and Drag admin menu Reorder for each user)
  • Export or Import of Settings.
  • Login Page Styles.

In fact, Material WP is quite Responsive with the Custom CSS field as well as the SCSS syntax. You can control the Heights and Widths of admin menu with its amazing Multisite Support. For this reason, all users of this theme set various styling options to all global sites in the network. Last but not least, all the most commonly used plugins are already compatible, such as BuddyPress, VC, Jetpack, bbPress, WooCommerce, etc.

  1. Blue Admin

Blue Admin

Blue Admin is one of the simple WordPress Admin Themes with the clearer and more relaxed options. Its’ key Features can be listed down as below:

  • 13 new color schemes.
  • Clear and Clean admin design.
  • RTL support for Arabic and other RTL languages.
  • Multisite compatibility and Login page customization.
  • Custom navigation menus to your WordPress Adminbar.

Blue Admin works great in full of light and dark environments. That is the reason why various plugin developers chose the blue color as the default scheme when using this special dashboard templates. The design of this theme is really soothing, simple, modern, and quite clean compared to other choices. It might be the design you need within your dashboard as it can definitely help you to regain the motivation and inspiration by changing up your own environment slightly.

  1. Fancy Admin UI

Fancy Admin UI

Many people are currently choosing Fancy Admin UI to magnify the dashboard experience. This fact made it be one of top 10 Best WordPress Admin Themes 2016. All it brought to you is the unique opportunity in the alignment and coloring style of all default elements. As a matter of fact, the simple color of blue on the color scheme did a really great job for this plugin. The results delivered a desirable UI experience which you cannot find from other template or theme providers.

In the case you decide to pick up Fancy Admin UI for your own use, you can enjoy all custom additions or other features of the plugin. It took a further step for all offered WordPress admin themes. This is the clean gray or blue theme by default admin panel which simplifies your own interface. Then, it makes things more accessible for our customers by visiting Settings and General.


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