Linode promotional code $20 coupon – February 2021

Linode is one of top cloud server with high quality server, fast support and stability.

If you are looking for a good VPS/Server, Linode always has promotional code for new customers like Vultr and DigitalOcean.

Linode Promotional Code

Linode has 9 datacenters in 8 cities around the world, which make sure you always have the fastest network to your target market. Beside the premium servers, Linode also provide the NodeBalancers package that help you optimize your system easily.

This month, Linode provides the promotional code to get $20 free (4 months of use). This is the best coupon of Linode while normally they only have $10 coupon.

First of all, you need to register a new account, verify it and use these promotion codes below to apply credit to your account.

Linode Promotional Code – Coupon Dec 21

Click the button below to get the coupon code. Each account can be apply 1 coupon only.

Promotional Code Description
LINODE10 Free $10 credit to account
DOCS10 Free $10 credit to account
PodcastInIt2017 Free $20 credit to account
bootstrapped2017 Free $20 credit to account
developertea2017 Free $20 credit to account
atp2018 Free $20 credit to account
analogue2018 Free $20 credit to account
material2018 Free $20 credit to account
clockwise2018 Free $20 credit to account

*** These coupon/promotional code applicable for new account only. Linode allow Visa/Master Card or Paypal (after register). 


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