BlueHost Review

This is a detailed review about BlueHost for its price, features, performance, reliability and technical support of the professional hosting plan.

BlueHost has developed to a leader in the Linux based shared web hosting industry since its establishment in 1996. It has got an excellent reputation in the WordPress community with rich experience during 16 years. BlueHost is also famous for serving more than 850,000 WordPress sites.

BlueHost has customized Linux kernel for robust web hosting service, along with good industry reputation, reasonable price, 100% WordPress compatibility, excellent performance, rich features, strong reliability and US-based customer service.

Terrific Industry Reputation

According to the statistics from the site BestHostingSearch.NET – a famous web hosting review website since 2006, The percentage of satisfied customers in terms of  the performance and reliability consist of 99.1%. The amount of people who are praised the cPanel & software account for 99.1% and 98.7% customers are satisfied with its customer service.

Reasonable Price

The price is very affortable, starting at $7.99/mo regularly. But now, it is starting at $3.95/mo with a secret discount up to 50% off the original price. By choosing the 3 years plan, you can save up to $145 in total every month.

100% WordPress Compatibility

The service shows 100% of compatibility with WordPress. It supports a number of the newest technologies, such as MySQL 5, PHP 5.3.18, SSL, and almost the PHP extensions comprising of php_exif, php_gd2, php_fileinfo, php_curl, etc.

Moreover, it offers the popular cPanel which enable almost WordPress plugins to work well without any customization. As a result, software conflicts and technical problems rarely happen.

In addition, in order to helps users to build up their sites easily, millions of dollars, has been invested by the company to develop the online application installer SimpleScripts, an one-click installer for over 70 top applications.

Excellent Performance

In comparison with other providers collocating servers that offer cheap data centers and reselling servers for small and medium sized clients, the company has its own competitive advantage when greatly investing over 20 million USD since 2010 to have a world-class dedicated data center in Provo, Utah, US. Thanks to over 8,000 100% Dell servers, 4 separate physical fiber lines, its Internet bandwidth exceeds 70,000 MBits totally.

To guarantee CPU resources on every server for every user, BlueHost has developed CPU and I/O Segregation. With the CPU Protection, there is always an sufficiency in idle CPU resources which can afford incoming requests and protect customer sites from heavy users. The Segregation show CPU statistics to help customers know how much CPU they have been using each day and then manage it intelligently.

BlueHost’s service always provides fast and secure hosting sites based on the powerful facilities and advanced technical support. With average server responding time of 0.32s, the hosting sites are still fast and responsive anytime even at the peak of using time.

Strong Reliability

The company has been well-known for its reliability. By supporting the latest technologies as PHP 5, MySQL 5, SSL, etc, BlueHost enhanced security for WordPress. In reality, it has never come under attack for recent 5 years.

To ensure the hosting sites secure and reliable, its dedicated data centers are equipped with 100% Dell server. More than 15 Megawatts of power and over 2000 tons of cooling installed capacity are provided by the 3x2x2 Megawatt generators. With the 3x4x750kW UPS, customers do not have to worry about the power accidents.

6 months ago, we started to do a supervision on its performance. No downtime occured in this monitoring period and it kept 99.9% uptime as it guaranteed. In fact, it seems to be nearly 100% uptime in the latest month.

Rich Features

The service provides many features, such as 1 free domain, free WordPress installation, $100 Google AdWords credits, unlimited domains hosted on 1 account, cPanel, PHP, SSL, CGI, etc. These features are even beyond customers’ expectation.

100% US Customer Service

BlueHost manages more than 700 employees working for the real-time professional customer service through:

  • Telephone
  • Online Chat
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Ticket System
  • Forums
  • FAQ & Knowledgebase
  • Video Tutorial

The 24×7 professional customer service takes responsibility of running websites well. They’re always responsive and effective via phone, chat and email. The support staffs are rich-experienced people who are well-trained and have wide knowledge of WordPress. With 100% in house on site staff in its Utah offices, the ticket response time is under 30 minutes, telephone call hold times is under 60 seconds, averagely.

Besides, you can be guaranteed with 30 days FULL money back and ANYTIME post-rated money back policies. In this case, you can fully evaluate in 30 days and get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Customer Voice

Customers are quite satisfied with BlueHost WordPress hosting and highly appreciate this service. There are some comments from customers:

Some customer reviews:

  • I have hosted 5 sites on BlueHost for 3 years and I am happy with it. It is really a reliable WordPress hosting provider with considerate customer service. 2 months ago, I locked my account accidently. I asked help via live chat, it was responsive. The support staff was professional, knowledgeable and spoke clear English. She was effective solving my problem within 10 minutes. Thanks her a lot.
  • I have been on BlueHost since 2009 and I really appreciated its great help for my site and business. Based on the easy to use features and the staff help, I built my site easily. In these years, I have not met any serious attacks or downtimes. However, I actually had issues. I called for help and had experienced the nice customer service. The personnel were professional and kind, solving my question in a short time. Nice work!

BlueHost Review – Conclusion

BlueHost is a good choice with its the high performance and affordable price. Based on the above outstanding points, it is one of the best web hosting providers that bloggers, designers, developers and small to medium business can not miss!

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